Article From the Wild: The Five W’s

Article From the Wild: The Five W’s

From Forbes: “Why One Of Japan’s Largest Organized Crime Groups Is Looking For Legitimate Work” by Jake Adelstein

The article begins with a What: the meaning of the word “yakuza” and their relationship with Japanese society.  It then follows up with a Who: the specific crime family the article is concerned with and their attempt to branch out into more legitimate business.  That is a relatively good introduction, though I find it odd (though perhaps to be expected from Forbes) that the opening paragraph focuses more on the economic role of the yakuza, and their place in culture isn’t discussed until the third paragraph.  The main thrust of the article is that the patriarch of this particular gang feels that they must go legitimate to survive, but the article itself doesn’t seem to be interested in exploring Why the man came to that conclusion, and spends the rest of the length speculating on how feasible the proposal could be.

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  1. Isaiah Wolcoff says:

    Hey Anders, this was a really cool topic to cover. I wonder if Forbes chose to start with the economic impacts to better cater to their typical audience.

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