Gwyneth Paltrow Is Selling Vibrators

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Selling Vibrators

I was intrigued to find an article like this published by a New York Times reporter. Often, a headline like this is something I see in gossip columns and random small news articles spread across the internet. Therefore this intrigued me to read the article. One question that stood out to me during this Q&A-styled article was when the reporter, Valeriaya Safronaova, asked Gwyneth, “Goop has been criticized for making dubious wellness claims and, in 2018, had to pay $145,000 for making unsubstantiated health claims about its vaginal eggs. Why should customers trust Goop?” This question stood out to me the most because it is one of those questions that could very quickly be considered a challenging topic. After all, she brought up a lawsuit in Paltrow’s business’s past. There is that, but there is also the aspect of what kind of response would lead Paltrow to give? Would it be a negative or a positive one? Would it be something she doesn’t want to talk about? Questions like this ran through my head when I first read that difficult question. Overall, I think it was a great question; it also requires that Paltrow explain why customers can trust their products even though they have had a problematic past. Which, in the end, may lead to a broader customer base. This article as a whole was very intriguing, and the link for it can be found below.


“Gwenyth Paltrow Is Selling Vibrators”

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  1. Chatham Moser says:

    I loved this article and espically the question! I agree, I’ve seen countless claims against Goop, and for Goop. In this particular article I think the interviewer is also asking a great question of how this vibrator compared to the millions of others (and likely cheaper) is superior! Many celebrities are guilty of slapping their name of low end products with high end prices just with the knowledge fans will purchase them unknowing. Loved this piece and completely agree, it was an excellent question.

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