There’s never been a more important time to learn about how journalism works—and to cover the stories that you think are important. This semester-long course provides the skills to ask questions and get the answers.


Who We Are


Lois Parshley is the professor of COJO 202 as the UAF Snedden Chair of Journalism, and an award-winning investigative journalist. She was previously an editor at Foreign Policy and Popular Science. 

She has reported from all seven continents for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Vox, Businessweek, and Scientific American, among others. She typically covers the intersection of environmental and human health, including reporting on Covid-19.



Hi my name is Tiffany Emmons, I’m a senior at The University of Alaska Fairbanks majoring in Digital Journalism.  I graduated from UAF in Spring 2017, with my AA Degree in General Studies. I’ve lived in Alaska most of my life, besides living in Florida with my sister for a year and living in California for 4 years prior to coming back here for school. I’m interested in working in television journalism as a reporter or news anchor. I hope to graduate in 2022 and start working in Anchorage. I’ve been on the Chancellor’s list in spring 2017 and Fall 2019. Hope to keep it up.




My name is Samaiyah Tolliver but I like to go by Sam. I’m from Seattle, Washington, and I am currently a sophomore. I’m majoring in Communications with a minor of Business Administrations. My birthday is December 20th, and I am 20 years old. I also play basketball here for UAF, and I’ve been playing ever since I was 4 years old. For my career, I hope to go PRO and play overseas and then eventually play in the WNBA. If that doesn’t work out, I want to become a travel journalist and explore the world writing about different cultures and to encourage a broader view of the world that people don’t know about.



Anders Parrott is a 28-year-old graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and a minor in mathematics. Anders has worked at the University as a research assistant and with the Society of Physics Students on outreach projects like the UAF’s Planet Walk. His hobbies include reading and writing science fiction, building scale model kits, drawing, and reading about history. He lives in Fairbanks.



Cassidy is currently a second year student pursuing a degree in Communications. Her birthday is February 22nd, and she will be 20 years old this year. She works with Residence Life here at UAF as an RA. For her career asperations, she hopes to be able to work towards a career within some form of media, most likely journalism. She can speak English and Spanish and is attempting to teach herself German as well. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games.





Chatham Moser is a 21-year-old rising junior at the University of Alaska Southeast. They are majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a primary concentration in Anthropology and a secondary concentration in Communications. Chatham’s educational goals seek to pursue a career in anthropology as an archaeologist. Additionally, they also are pursuing social media management and marketing as a current social media intern at Planet Health. In their free time, they enjoy music, art, and makeup.



Skyler Smith is a Sophomore undergraduate student attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks to obtain her Bachelors in Digital Journalism and Minor in English. She currently works for the UAF Honors College as a Peer to Peer Mentor and editor of their monthly newsletter. She enjoys reading, hiking around Fairbanks with her fiance and dog, and journaling in her off time.






Isaiah Wolcoff is a 19-year-old Freshman at UAF pursuing a BA in English with a minor in Digital Journalism. He hopes to become a respected name in the freelance writing industry, or work as a writer for a well known publication. Isaiah’s hobbies include learning about history, playing video games, and story or song writing.