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Accessing Gender-Affirming Medical Care in Small Town Juneau, Alaska Proves to be Difficult 

TW: mentions of suicide An under-the-radar people in Juneau, the transgender community, face few and scarce options to receive medical treatment.  By: Chatham Moser   In Juneau, Alaska, the transgender community now faces an additional obstacle—having limited options for obtaining medical gender-confirmation treatment. Compared to most capital cities in the US, Juneau is uniquely surrounded…
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Online Educating: The Pros and the Cons of a Pandemic-Driven Transition

Online Educating: The Pros and the Cons of a Pandemic-Driven Transition The advantages and disadvantages professors face teaching from a virtual classroom.   By Isaiah Wolcoff   Globally, 1.6 billion students are experiencing the “largest disruption of education systems in human history.” Educators have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of their students in a…
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Community Attempts to Prevail at UAF: A Look at LLCs and how they have looked in a Pandemic Stricken World

  Disclaimer: the writer works personally for the department that the article discusses and therefore also the people interviewed within the article   Last spring, the world was thrown into disarray due to Covid-19. As people struggled to accept the new normal, the University of Alaska, along with other universities around the world, were forced…
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Student Clubs, Amid A Pandemic

How the clubs of UAF managed to keep in touch despite being unable to meet in person. Few were prepared for the effects of quarantine on education.  Fewer still predicted the extended duration of social distancing that followed.  Still, human beings are usually social animals, and will find ways to stay together regardless of their…
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Juneau Douglas High School Men’s Basketball Season Cut short because of COVID Regulations

The Juneau Douglas High School men’s basketball team started off their 2021 season hot in January, winning 16 of their 17 games. After dominating the region V tournament and conference play to sweep the regular season and conference title, the Crimson Bears had their eyes on the state title. But right after winning their conference…
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NASA Cancels RMC Third Year in a Row: UAF Robotics Club Left to Seek New Motivation

On January 25th, NASA canceled the Robotic Mining Competition (RMC) for the third year in a row due to the COVID pandemic and travel restrictions. The cancellation left the Aurora Robotics club participants searching for new motivation.  As described by NASA, the RMC is a competition that requires teams to participate in multiple events. These…
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Optimism in Pandemic’s Shadow

A Glimpse into the Perspective of a Health Professional During Covid-19 Residents of Alaska are put in a unique situation due to the pandemic that began in 2020.  We are at the end of a long supply chain and most of our economy is built on mining, the military and tourism.  Recently, I had the…
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How COVID-19 is Effecting Juneau’s Homeless Population

In downtown Juneau COVID-19 has created a significant problem for the homeless population; it has severely affected the already scarce aid and assistance.    The population, pre-covid, was already at high-risk, health-wise stemming from a lack of resources, and now face further challenges.   At a newly-introduced resource, Housing First, a housing facility that aims…
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